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Our quality certification and Quality Assurance

SIN LIENG Enterprise Sdn Bhd is qualified in industry best practices having obtained HACCP, GMP and ISO 22000 certification. It has a high level of control and management systems, fully integrated sorting, grading and packaging processes, with the entire process being in-line with cold chain management standards that use special refrigerated container trucks to distribute products to mega hypermarkets in Singapore. SIN LIENG’s Food Safety and Management systems will give you better quality and food safety assurance in the receiving, processing, packaging and delivery of fresh vegetables. These excellent manufacturing practices will guarantee you consistent quality in:


A) Cold Chain Management Standard

Vegetables, right from the vegetable plantation to the factory. The vegetables go through a vacuum cooler machine to maintain cooling temperature, are stored to cool, and then refrigerated in container trucks that can extend the shelf life of fresh vegetables. This whole process is in-line with the cold chain management standards.

B) Hygiene Control Management

Personal Hygiene

Working Place Hygiene Maintenance

Air-con & Pest Control

Rubbish Handling

Vegetables Basket Washing

Tool Cleaning Handling

C) QA/QC Inspection Raw Materials

QA/QC Inspection Raw Materials

Weighting Monitoring/Calibration

Consistency QA/QC Inspection Finished Product