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SIN LIENG Enterprises SDN BHD (SIN LIENG) is in the business of receiving, processing and packaging vegetables and providing logistic transport services.

Established in 1991, SIN LIENG has 24 years of history behind it. The company’s founder Mr Liew Siew Boon endured many struggles and with immense hard work over the years, he personally planned and supervised the company’s sustainable development activities and brought it success.

His success is evident from the tremendous growth experienced by the business that started at a small rented shop and expanded to a four-acre processing and packaging factory equipped with modern high-tech equipment that supplies fresh and high-quality vegetables to mega hypermarkets.

Compliant with ISO and HACCP, the business has also won itself the trust by customers and a solid reputation.

On April 28, 2014, SIN LIENG made the Kulai District Industrial Park home to its processing and packaging factory.

In terms of operations, the factory uses a flexible conveyor belt system, which quickly and effectively sorts the various types of fresh vegetables at the grading department and transports those vegetables to the packaging department, then using an automatic packaging machine that wraps up the products. Factory operations also include the use of an automatic washing machine where vegetable baskets are placed to ensure constant cleanliness. Being technologically advance, the company has invested in computer software applications that assists operations by tracking and maintaining international standards.

In our commitment to comply with ISO 22000 and HACCP standards, we have also created a high standard of hygiene requirements with a clean environment whereby all employees are required to wear a head net, mask and hygiene shoes when entering the factory.

All these factors led to SIN LIENG obtaining ISO 22000, HACCP and GMP certification in November 2014. This encompasses the overall factory process, right from receiving of the goods, cold storage, sorting, grading, packaging and transporting via refrigerated trucks to hypermarkets in Singapore.

SIN LIENG is not only proud of its achievements, but also its employees and their tremendous hard work in striving towards such results.

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